Lyska Hiring

We enable an direct & easy communication between all of your running & future business applications.

Tidy, nice & neat. So that you can focus on the important stuff.

What We Do

Today’s digital tools and technology provide us with a vast amount of opportunities, possibilities and new potentials.

But it also brings new challenges to us: We use a variety of different systems to manage big amounts of data while trying to incorporate every important customer touch point and even exploit new revenues on that path.

This is why we’re developing a headless commerce solution to simplify all of your commerce processes. All thinkable systems can be connected: e-Commerce, ERP systems, CRM, Mobile Apps, you name it.

How It Works

  • All together - Our middleware connects all running and future applications. No technology lock in. Easy to maintain.
  • One for all - All digital touch points are connected to one single source of truth.
  • You do you - Use what works for you. You don’t need to change your running systems.
  • Prepared for change - Ability to adjust and adapt systems due to high flexibility of the headless commerce system/headless architecture.
  • Ready to scale - Easy implementation of new or extended operational systems & touch points.
  • Built for innovation - Due to great flexibility, you can try out & go for new revenues.
  • Grow your business - Because your systems run smoothly, you can focus on the important stuff.

About Us

We are future shapers. And as technology is emerging constantly, we are too.

Change is the result of all true learning. This is why we work on improving our product every day to ensure the most innovative and flexible usage for every thinkable front end application. And while we’re on it, we jump at the chance to also shape our work environment and the future of work.

We invest in our people because we believe they are our biggest value. As individuals we all shape our common culture. We are united but everyone is unique - and that is so rewarding.

Find our Headquarter in Offenbach, Frankfurt which is not only used for working but also for gatherings, conferences and as a place to have a good time. Plus we foster a nice remote culture. Our team is distributed all over the country and we have our doors open & free spaces at all times, too. Via Slack and hangouts we are able to keep the communication flowing.

This is how we work

  • We believe in open source
  • We welcome design thinking
  • We develop the agile way
  • We live new leadership
  • We challenge ourselves to make things better
  • We are dedicated to get shit done
  • We decide quickly
  • We quickly change decisions if they were wrong
  • We learn from our mistakes

Want to Join the Team ?

  • The opportunity to shape the future of commerce and work culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working remotely wherever you are
  • A beautiful work space if you want to work here
  • Tools and hardware of your choice
  • Fully equipped fridge filled with all kinds of drinks and for sure always at least one crate of beer 🍺
  • Knowledge exchange with great developers
  • Time & budget to travel & attend on conferences and further education
  • And yes, we will pay you! 💰

If that’s how you work, we have a match

  • You love tech and learning new stuff
  • You love working independently within a team
  • You are more the solution-oriented than the problem-oriented person
  • You are comfortable with seeing things from a different angle
  • You are working towards results

Open Positions

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